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Mark Sullivan brings a unique approach to your event unlike most any communicator you will find. Mark has spent over twenty five years in public safety, he has seen people in the best and worst of times. He has brought life into the world and held the hand of those who have left us. "Being with people in those times gives you an understanding of what people feel and what they need to hear" says Sullivan. He goes on to explain that those factors generally carry over to every facet of ones life. "These images never leave my mind, they have formed who I am on duty and who I am in my private life. My business Lime Biscuit Creative has been built around things I learned in the most stressful environments you can find. I use the same mindset to help someone with their business as I do to help someone injured or sick. What will improve their situation and how is the best way to explain that to them".


Although Mark suffers from ADD he has learned to use it as a catalyst for growth and excitement. Mark says "battling ADD has been tough but the victories are sweeter when they come". "ADD is not easy to harness, if you allow it to run your life it can be exhausting. Learning ways to control mine un-medicated has changed my life" says Sullivan.

In 2009 Sullivan was asked to be the emcee for the "Love Worth Fighting For Marriage Tour". Over 8 years Sullivan spoke each night in front of thousands of people. He used his humor and Southern drawl to help couples relax and soak in the event. "A lot of couples came in on the brink of divorce, they are very stressed and uncomfortable, I made it my goal to help them relax and laugh so they could enjoy the evening." The tour hosted over 300 live events all over the United States. Sullivan also acted as road manager and facilitator for the daily duties. 

In 2014 Sullivan launched Lime Biscuit Creative, a design, branding, and creative thinking agency. In just a few years Lime had become one of the most talked about agencies in Metro Atlanta. Lime's reach has now surpassed 35 states and continues to grow under his creative direction. Lime specializes in branding, visual design, website design, print, social media management, and more.  "We don't have customers, we have partners. We work with each of them like we have a personal financial investment in their company. We want them to succeed so we can all be better together", says Sullivan.

Mark is available for speaking, hosting, and teaching engagements. Feel free to contact us for more info.

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