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Encouraging and equipping others to win... 

Career Firefighter


Podcast Host

Creative Agency Owner


no expert, just encouragement...

"When God put a calling on your life, he already factored in your skills, stubbornness, & stupidity "

Mark T Sullivan

"A leader who can't lead naturally will obsess over things that don't matter"

Mark T Sullivan

Firefighter Keynote Speaker Mark T Sullivan

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"Those who can't lead naturally, obsess over things that don't matter"

mark t sullivan



The days of long lines of new-hires are over. It's past time we cultivate an environment no one wants to leave.


Marriage & Family

The elephant in the room. Marriage is tough, maintaining it in the fire service... volatile to say the least.

Branding & Design

Branding and design in the fire service is more important than ever. It is imperative to attract new team members with long term goals.

“Mark has a way of connecting with a crowd unlike most I have seen. His delivery and timing are unmatched. If you need someone to engage and leave an impression, this is the person you want”

Kirk Cameron

Actor, Producer, Writer

“Mark is absolutely one of the most unique communicators I know. He will use comedy, stories, and encouragement to engage. He will leave your audience loving your event”

Warren Barfield

Musician, Touring Artist

“Mark left our audience in Vegas ready to attack the world. He was so encouraging to everyone. Never had a speaker come in that is so easy to work with. He was even helping clean!”

Jennifer Bingham

Sany International


Let's Work Together

Here is what I want you to take away from working with me...

  • First and foremost, I want you to be glad you worked with me.

  • Communicate your message effectively.

  • Leave your audience glad they chose your event.

  • Be the easiest speaker you ever worked with.

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